I am featuring a Free to join program that was recently sent to me by an online aquaintance.
The company is called Safezone, a Global Company that has been around since 2014. 

So what particularly captured my interest?

Firstly, due to the nature of the project and its involvement with real people, rather than by out and out business men and women. This project will therefore have a much broader appeal and a large ever growing userbase.

Also, Safezone could well be a gamechanger in terms of Online security and privacy. All transactions made within the Safezone, will be done securely, using a system called Pernum. (For further information, please read my blog post here)

Earnings Program

Within the Safezone there are many opportunities to promote various activities that can earn you money. (see further down the page) For some this will be an added bonus and for others it will be something to seriously promote. This is done by invitation marketing.

The Rainbow Currency

yem small

Safezone also have their own secure Cryptocurrency, called the Rainbow currency. The coin is commonly referred to as the Yem, which stands for: Your Everday Money. This Cryptocurrency has been created by more than 3,700 Internet users from 157 different countries. This is launched, by the people for the people, controlled and represented by a global non-profit foundation.

Some of you will know that I have often wrote about my feelings on the sheer eco-unfriendliness of Bitcoin and its mining activities, playing a huge part in heating the planet. So instead of all this costly mining to fund the network, the Yem Cryptocurrency is fueled by and rewards its users for easy everyday activities. These things may be as simple as liking social content, creating favourites and various other everyday things done by everyday people within various sites within the Safezone network, that will, when scaled up across the globe, more than fund the Yem currency and are doing so now.

Yem has a rising value and at present the company will credit 50 yem (around 25 USD value) to anyone signing up for its Pernum wallet, which is also free.

The Yem currency has already been used to purchase some major products such as Cars and even assets such as Real Estate.

As you would expect there are some lofty predictions that the value of the coin will rise 100 fold in 2020, but I do not want to get into predictions with Cryptocurrency. I already like it just for the very principle of what it stands for and am happy with any reasonable value and gains that it may make during the natural course of events.

If you would like to join the safezone, then please use the following link to get your own Pernum. There is no money required, as mentioned above, the company will pay you.

Click Here to get your Pernum and gain some free YEM Cryptocurrency

After you Sign-Up, then go to, and look at the right upper corner of the page, THEN Click the “short arrow” (-->) to Log In.... After you have logged in, Click on Wallet >>> then Fill-Out the KYC (Know Your Customer) info form... You will automatically receive 50  YEM from the company. After you fill out, (and SUBMIT) the KYC form. After that, please Contact me, to be added to the group on Facebook.

Please note that KYC requirement is necessary to comply with international financial regulations. Please ensure that you supply all requested information, as without that you will not be able to use your PerNum Wallet. (This wallet is your unique secure holding area that stores your Yem balance)

How do I earn with this program?

It is similar to Multi level marketing, as your team can have up to 5 levels of referrals below you. (But without the MLM hype, or the autoship, or the grief)

1st Generation of referrals: Whenever a member you invited is closing a deal on one of our partner websites, you receive a commission of up to 20% of the product’s value.

Generations 2 to 5 : Whenever these generations are closing a deal on one of our partner websites, you receive a Family Bonus of up to 2% of the product’s value.

What is the earnings potential?

Income opportunities are unlimited. More and more website based businesses are appreciating this unique invitation marketing strategy and are partnering with us. One of the reasons is that they receive free traffic to their website, which is one of the most important things for any online venture. The activity of our members therefore helps to bring in this revenue. Please do not underestimate the value of this revenue, it is huge.

So this all sounds too good to be true - What is the catch?

The company has been online since 2014 and has paid out over a million USD to members in earnings. Membership is stated as being free forever and I have discovered that there are no obligations to make any regular monthly purchases or any purchases of any kind. Nor are there any requirements to subscribe to any other product or service.

Click Here to get your Pernum and gain some free YEM Cryptocurrency


Getting Started

The following article may prove to be very useful to you if and when you decide to join this opportunity. It was written by Rachell Fogle in June 2019.

Getting Started With The Safe.Zone Opportunity

1-- After you Join the SafeZone (with the referral link from your sponsor),  you will automatically be enrolled in all Safezone programs.

2--LOG-IN to your PERNUM affiliate website:   You are already a member of, .. So DO NOT Sign Up again…  You will need  to go to the top right corner of, then Click the “short arrow” (-->) to Log In .

After you log in,  complete the Know Your Customer (KYC) info form.    ***IF your KYC form is not completed, then you will not be able to get into your PERNUM wallet...

3--Send a FB Message to Bryan R Sevrence & Rachelle Fogle

4-Ask Your Sponsor to INVITE you to our FB group, which is for members only.. Provide Your PERNUM to them to be approved into the Group.  You will be sent an invitation to join

(ATTENTION TO ALL SPONSORS:  Please Send your New members an Invitation to join our FB group, but be sure to tell them to answer the PERNUM question that is required for us to approve them to the FB group…. (We can’t approve them until we have their PERNUM.)

5-Ask Your Sponsor to add you to one of our chatrooms for new members, AFTER you Join the group.  (you can always turn the notifications OFF, if you  don’t want to get all the notifications)

6--Ask your sponsor to link you up with the Facebook announcement page.

7-- Ask your sponsor to link you up with Details about any new Projects

>>Log-in to these websites first:  SafeZone, WeShareSuccess, Pernum, RainbowCurrency, (and CashbackMarketing, IF you are a licensed business owner)

SafeZone has hexagons with your profile info, SafeZone Radio show hexagon, and the affiliate program(s) hexagons in the back office. 

WeShareSuccess is where YEM / US$ commissions, downline info, campaigns, and Webinar recaps can be found .

PERNUM is where your PERNUM wallet, and PERNUM Messenger is found (you will find your account balances in your PERNUM wallet).. You Can Only Message Your 1st Generation (your Direct Referrals) and Your Sponsor.... at this time.  (More updates pending.)

IMPORTANT  GUIDELINES  ON  ADS  & MARKETING  OUR  PROGRAM(S):   (You must have been approved as a member of our “Bryan & Rachelle’s Info & Ads” FB group, to be able to read the post that the link is attached to..)

**YOUR PERSONAL REF-LINKS**<<~~Add Your own Pernum to the end of all these links, before sending any Referral Links out<<~~~YourPernum<<~~~YourPernum<<~~~YourPernum<<~~~YourPernum<<~~~YourPernum<<~~~YourPernum<<~~~YourPernum<<~~~YourPernum<<~~~YourPernum<<~~~YourPernum<<~~~YourPernum<<~~~YourPernum<<~~~YourPernum<<~~~YourPernum (No Reflink)

Please review all of the above-listed websites, to know which ones you are interested in…  You can earn YEM in several ways: from playing games (, prizemania), voting for your choice of the best talent on BiggestTalent,  posting your products in our TwnklBDS website, & get paid in YEM for any products that you sell in that auction.

Twnkl.Shop is a fantastic opportunity for us to get high-quality products at up to a 95% discount.. Great Savings.. You will Also Earn Commissions from products purchased by your downline...   Ask us how you can find items that you want listed, and when you get 100 votes, and after your product is listed on,  you can get that product for FREE..  Ask Your Sponsor For Details..

FOR THOSE PEOPLE WHO “WANT TO PROMOTE”:   Attach your PERNUM to the end of the website link that you want to promote...  Some ads can be found in our FB group, (Bryan & Rachelle’s Info & Ads)

***When you have potential referrals, give them your Referral Link, (so they can Join you), & Give Them this “Getting Started with SafeZone” info, AFTER they JOIN.

To prevent errors, when you send out your link, PLEASE verify that your referral link, includes Your PERNUM, so that your referrals can simply click on your RefLink to JOIN.  I also recommend that you upload your pic to your SafeZone back office, so that your picture will show up when your referrals sign-up with your referral link…

Ask your sponsor for any questions or details..


We will be here for you, to answer your questions, and to help you get started.  We have a fantastic program, with great team support!

***Be Sure To SHARE the above with your New Team Members.    It will give them the info they need to get started, and learn about our SafeZone programs.

Click Here to accept the free invitation and gain some free YEM Cryptocurrency, ( value equivalent to approximately 20 USD )