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Digital Marketing & Blockchain Technology will be working together in the near future. 

Blockchain and its future variants will be the key technology to ensure security and trust to underpin every kind of digital transaction in the future, whether this be for business or pleasure, including Digital Marketing. 
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Digital Marketing
is a huge, ever expanding in depth arena, that involves the use of leading edge online technology, to bring products and services to a highly dynamic market. The marketing function is achieved using a wealth of online disciplines, tools and techniques that can be employed using mobile phone Apps, advertising, and other digital mediums and platforms.

We want to access, explore and share these. In our intensive look at the Online Marketing industry in general during the past year, we have noticed some huge leaps forward within Digital technologies to enable highly effective, efficient, successful marketing, including Automation, which we will come to later.

Seeking a level playing field

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Like many others, we have been attempting to market products and services online for many years, with varying degrees of success. Over this time we have realised that however good our website is, or the product, service or pricing may be, withought correct or effective exposure, it will simply never be seen by our target audience. We all need Traffic!

We have witnessed this state of affairs first hand, seeing our competitors on more than one occasion, enjoying huge sales and high search engine rankings with more or less the same offerings as ours, or sometimes worse. We can only look on with envy, or frustration.

So why do others succeed?

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If we are to survive in this ever expanding world of online commerce, we need to be able to access cutting edge, modern marketing tools and products, to enable us to get seen by our target audience. Also, running any effective ad campaign is hugely expensive and can wipe out our annual marketing budget in a fraction of that time, if we are not careful.

But we are now finding ourselves up against the large, often blue chip companies, who may have marketing budgets, 10 or many more times larger than ours. Our well known competitors have deep pockets and can weather the storms that other possibly smaller, but still highly effective entrepreneurs cannot do. But if we are too careful in our spending, then our advertising and other promotional activities will just not be effective.

Which also creates the other big issue, possibly even worse. In addition to the extra advertising budget, because of their resource and often increased workforce, this means that our larger competitors also have 10 times more brain power and pairs of hands than we do.

Which leads us to the key point mentioned earlier. We need to work smarter and automate as much as possible, using as many tools and techniques as we can. There are many Products and Tools out there.

One of the companies providing IT Digital Marketing and related tools is ONPASSIVE. There will be over 20 products just to begin with.

If you think this is your kind of business, do yourself a favour and become a Founder before the Launch

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