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Centralized vs Decentralized Wallets: 

A Centralized Crypto wallet is a wallet where you don’t have full access over your bitcoin, which means you will have no private key and no 12 word recovery phrase. But Centralized wallets are exchanges and offer services such as instant buy/sell of Crypto and bitcoin. 

They may also offer a credit card if you do not have a bank account to transfer to, or do not wish to use one. Coinbase and CashApp are two such centralized, full service exchange wallets.

Decentralized wallets however, give you full access and full control over your bitcoin funds. You will get full anonymity, a private key and a unique 12 word rescue phrase. But you will not get Buy / Sell services. 

Blockchain and Coinomi are two decentralized wallet examples. 

As long as you do not buy or trade cryptocurrency in a Blockchain or Coinomi wallet no KYC, ie or proof of identity information, is required.

Decentralized wallet addresses now all start with the number “1”. 

With BitLocity most members prefer to use a decentralized wallet to receive their BTC. They can then then send it to a centralized wallet, to cash out and covert to their countries regular fiat currency and withdraw it to their bank account or Crypto debit cards, including, BitPay, BlockCard and others.

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