Tron Smart Contract

About Tron Smart Cоntrасtѕ

There are now many more Cryptocurrencies that are structured to run Smart Contracts, securely, effectively and inexpensively.

One currency that is now proving very popular is the TRX, which is the Cryptocurrency unit of the Tron Network.

Due its low cost and speed, Tron is ideal for crowdfunding and other earnings programs and platforms, such as Smart20

Smart Contract History
Smart соntrасts originally all ran on the Ethеrеum Network. Here they were developed and refined into highly secure and trustworthy vehicles for many key high value transactions, used in all walks of life, including many high level smart contracts in the legal, Conveyancing and governmental sectors and many often not even known to most of us. Basically they are ѕеt up іn ѕuсh a wау, thаt when pre-determined and agreed conditions have bееn mеt, the contract will automatically execute or validate. They are 99.9% foolfproof and really do just work as they should and protect our assets as programed.

The problem
Many visitors to this and other similar websites, may be familiar with certain older types of networking and MLM programs, whereby money was paid in, but there was never any confidence that the promised accumulated earningd would ever be paid out. This lack of trust and confidence was often only too sadly justified, as many of us witnessed first hand, our earnings dissapear, along with the program creators. A solution was long needed to stop the crooks and pickpockets.

The Solution
The great news is, that we can now participate in Tron earnings programs, platforms and opportunities that are based on Smart Contracts. Although these are originally created by real human beings, once coded and initiated on the Blockchain, they cannot be changed or interfered with in any way, by any human being. This means no more dissapearing funds, no more thieves, no more corruption, no more interference. Bliss.

How they work
We set up a Free, secure, decentralised wallet, such as Klever, Token Pocket, Tronlink or Metamask.
We fund our Wallet with TRX
We use the wallet to join and pay our fee to the chosen program, using TRX
We work the program and accumulate earnings, as per the plan
We are paid our earnings into our wallets, Instantly and Automatically
We do not have to request payment from anybody, ever.

Residual Earnings 
The nature of these programs therefore means that the term residual income, comes to the forefront.

In fact, due to their nature, you cannot stop these Smart Contract programs from functioning even if you want to. It is possible for you to earn a residual income for as many years as people live and participate in these programs!

Get started in a Tron Smart Contract soon
Very soon, a new low cost Tron Smart Contract will be commencing called Smart20 This is structured in a way that means earnings can be made just by joining, without any requirements to recruit others or build a team, although this is always opitional. 

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