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Artificial Intelligence Information Technology
The Definitive Automated Digital Marketing revolution


If you are an ONPASSIVE Pending Founder, please activate your account to secure your Founder position. There will be no more new Founders ever after the Launch.

ONPASSIVE Product Launch
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What is ONPASSIVE, what is a Founder and how can this company help people to succeed online, that may have found this a problem to do in the past?

ONPASSIVE - Artificial Intelligence Information Technology for the success of ALL online businesses.

This is a fully registered corporation and currently operates in over 200 countries, with offices in the USA and India and more to follow.

ONPASSIVE is doing things much more differently than many people who work online in any capacity, have seen in the past. This shift change is not done on a whim, but starts off from the companies Founder, Mr Ash Mufareh. He witnessed much injustice first hand, within his own experience of the online marketing industry.

During this time, he realised that 97% of the people who worked online, failed to make profit, or just failed, period. There are lots of articles written about Ash's experiences, back in the early days and you can of course read about these elsewhere.

But the result of what he witnessed during these years, motivated him to start thinking about how things could be changed for the better and to start a plan of action. He wanted to give the regular person online, a fair, if not advantageous chance of success.

The thought was, that instead of a person having a 97% chance of failure, he or she should have a 97% chance of success.

ONPASSIVE Products, Tools & Services

As a result, ONPASSIVE is now designing and building, from the ground up, proprietary Digital tools and services powered by Artificial Intelligence. Each one of these tools in their own right, is built on a very powerful concept, to address a particular marketing function or need.

There are currently in excess of 50 of these tools and services and when placed under the banner of ONPASSIVE, we now have a huge offering, on a huge platform.

The development work for these products, services and tools is currently being undertaken by a team of many hundreds of highly skilled people, employed by ONPASSIVE in Bangalore and Hyderabad, India. To give an idea of the magnitude of this undertaking, each of these Tools / products will be a separate company within ONPASSIVE.

For example, just one of these products is a webinar platform, which will compete with the likes of Zoom or AnyMeeting etc and will have enhanced features, including SMS, MMS and Video marketing. This platform alone will be a massive operation and will address the ever growing requirements of millions of users, looking for more and more affordable online meetings.

Quite simply, ONPASSIVE will be of sufficient size and value, that when launched will very quickly become a Unicorn Company

Driving Traffic

One of the ONPASSIVE key features will be to attract and drive traffic for its customers. To give an idea of the power and effectiveness of the ONPASSIVE marketing presence, they recently did a trial to see how quickly they could gain 1 million opt in subscribers. They did not put any time frame, the goal being just the total number. They actually achieved this figure in 4 days. This was without the benefit of any Artificial intelligence enhancements to their marketing tools. Imagine how much more quickly this figure may have been achieved if AI was used? Maybe 1 million opt in subscribers in 4 hours instead of 4 days....?

So, as you will be seeing in the near future, ONPASSIVE will have top of the range, fully featured, High tech, AI powered products services and tools, that will help anyone who promotes products and services online to succeed. ONPASSIVE will give any company, entrepreneur, or even just a part time casual online seller, the best chance to be seen by the people who need what they are promoting.


Customers of ONPASSIVE will be paying an affordable monthly fee to use their products and services. Customers will want to use these, because of the comprehensive range of solutions available, their effectiveness for their business needs and also because they will be competitively priced.

All customers who use ONPASSIVE Products, Service and Tools will be distributed within the business units of the Founder Members.

So what is an ONPASSIVE Founder?

ONPASSIVE Founder positions were created for like minded individuals from all parts of the globe, who were interested in creating and promoting a level playing field for Online Digital marketing. Also many of these individuals, are people who are interested in making the World a better and fairer place and who will spread the word about ONPASSIVE.

To re iterate ....

ONPASSIVE will gain tens of millions of customers for their Digital AI products and Services and these Customers will then be placed within the business units of its Founders.

This will give the Founders distinct benefits..... (ask me how)

How do we become an ONPASSIVE Founder?

There is a small fee, but the main requirement is honesty and Integrity. Everything else will then follow naturally.

To become a Founder costs a one time 97 USD. There will then be a one time initial monthly fee once ONPASSIVE launches which will give Founders access to all of ONPASSIVEs products, services and tools.

Building a team is not required. However, ONPASSIVE Founders with small teams of even just a few people, will enjoy certain success much more quickly. The choice will always be with the individual member.


Once the Launch commences, all Founder members will then become customers and resellers, but will still retain all the Founder benefits, as mentioned above. 

As resellers, we will have access to all of ONPASSIVE's products and services and this will have a monthly fee.

But note - You will pay this monthly fee only once. Future fees will be met - (ask me how)

Founder Membership will close when ONPASSIVE fully launches sometime in 2021. No launch date has yet been given.

Put another way: Founder membership will never be offered again once the ONPASSIVE Launch commences.

ONPASSIVE is an Automated business that is going to change and disrupt lives in the best possible way this year.

Become an ONPASSIVE Founder

To qualify for all benefits, for all campaigns, you just need to become a Founder - while it is still available at just 97 USD.

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ONPASSIVE - Soft Launch

The purpose of the ONPASSIVE Soft launch is for the company to test it's Products, Tools, systems and functionality generally, before it opens its doors to the Public.

The people who will be participating in the testing, by using the products services and tools, will be the exisiting and also the new ONPASSIVE Founders, who choose to join before the soft launch commences. (which will be during December)

When ONPASSIVE goes into soft launch, during this period, new Founder membership will still be available, but it will be at a slightly higher rate. After the Soft Launch period ends, ONPASSIVE will then commence the Full Launch to the public.

At this point of full launch, all new Founder membership positions will end, permanently. Any existing Founders at that point will remain as such indefinitely and will continue to benefit in that position for as long as they choose to remain as Founders.

When full launch happens, there will be no more chances to be an ONPASSIVE founder.

If you think you want to be a founder, join today, or if you are aN ONPASSIVE pending Founder, then activate today - Do not have regrets.

Join ONPASSIVE as a Founder member and get started today


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Please note - I am a Founder member and an active promoter of ONPASSIVE. This is my own website. Certain pages on this website are independent Marketing resources for the ONPASSIVE Platform, its Products & Services

ONPASSIVE is not an investment program. Anything that a person may receive, who engages with the ONPASSIVE platform, is based on their individual work ethic and other factors beyond their control. Please do your own due diligence, before joining.