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There are many Crypto earnings apps out there and many of them are based around Bitcoin.

But did you know that there is now an App that can help you to earn Ethereum Cryptocurrency on a daily basis?  Ethereum is the second highest valued Crypto coin after Bitcoin. Ether or ETH earnings apps are now becoming highly sought after.

This App is a simple, yet highly secure type of app, known as a DApp that you install on your phone, Tablet or your Laptop. A DApp is a Decentralized App, which is based on a Smart Contract, which the Ethereum network was actually designed for. Smart Contracts are a just a secure computer code that ensures that a predefined set of rules are followed.They are considered to be the same as traditional legal contracts and in many ways more so, due to the fact that they cannot be tampered with in any way by human beings or outside intrusion.

The Smart Contract for this particular Ethereum DApp, ensures that automatic payments go into your wallet when you invite people to also join the Smart Contract. Small one time fees are payable to join, but over time, large amounts can be accrued. There are no time limits for this DApp. it will last as long as the Internet lasts and payments are guranteed to be made. In fact there is no person in place to stop them. This entire DApp is fully automated. Under the rules of Smart Contracts, no human being can ever close this program.

Think of this DApp as a long term, gradual income stream that will work away for you 24/7 in the background, enabling you to get on with enjoying your life. If you choose to work this program a little bit more and invite a few others to take the same simple steps that you did, your income could accelerate quite a bit quicker. The choice is entirely yours. The good thing about this DApp is that there are no time limits and there is no pressure in any way. You cannot lose your place and it will be functioning for many years.

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