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There is a temporary delay with Tronator. Since launch there have been many errors and delays in the system and these are now being removed. The program will relaunch again soon, I have been assured that all members details and any earnings etc will remain intact and be carried over into the newly designed Smart Contract.

Please revisit this page periodically for updates.

Please note: I am nothing to do with Tronator Admin - I am just an independent promoter, like all of us.

Tronator is the latest and the least expensive Tron Based TRX Smart Contract Matrix earnings program.

This platform offers you 3 automatic referrals when you sign up, with the lowest cost of just 100 TRX to get started. So if you like the idea of making some extra money, but do not want the hard work of recruiting members and building your team, then this one is definitely for you. 

As this program uses TRX rather than ETH, this means that the transaction fees are really low and the transactions only take a few seconds, instead of minutes or even hours with ETH.  

The above means that Tronator will be very low cost and efficient to operate.

Main Features

1) Totally Decentralized Platform on the TRON Blockchain

2) Only 100 TRX to Register - The lowest ever smart contract start up cost

3) No CEO, No Owner, No Fake Promises, No Middle men (or women)

4) 3 Instant referrals automatically when you join

5) Spillover

6) Low Risk

TRONATOR  is a global smart contract, peer to peer donation, properly verified, audited and  running on the Tron blockchain.
Tronator is the first ever self sustained smart contract on the tron blockchain.
It gives you 3 instant referrals immediately after registration.

Global 1 line matrix
No referrals needed etc.🔥

Tronator has the T3 and T4 which are absolutely unique to other  smart contracts. 


Below are the  features of T3 and T4.....⚡

The T3 has the following features.......💥

🔱➡️ Peer 2 Peer
🔱➡️ Global Spill
🔱➡️ Auto Pay-Outs
🔱➡️ Global Matrix
🔱➡️ Auto Re-Invest
🔱➡️ Auto Upgrades
🔱➡️ Three T3 Entries
🔱➡️ Automatic Income
🔱➡️ No Expiration/No Renewals
🔱➡️ No Need to Withdraw Instant Payment goes directly to your tron wallet.

The T3 is a Global One Line Matrix and gives you three instant referrals immediately you are registered and you earn from them all through lifetime.

The first two spots in slot 1 pays you and the third spot recycles for you. This is also done in the remaining 3 accounts in your T3. This simply implies you have FOUR T3 accounts which you earn from. Your earnings are unlimited in the T3 as such no smart contract has ever worked this way. 🔥

Furthermore, the T4 is where  personal and team efforts will come to play and count. All your personal referrals and team build will reflect in the T4.⚡


The T4 has the following features......🔥💥

🔱➡️ Peer 2 Peer
🔱➡️ Team Spill
🔱➡️ Auto Pay-Outs
🔱➡️ Team Matrix
🔱➡️ Auto Re-Invest
🔱➡️ Follow-Me System
🔱➡️ Team growth and Benefits
🔱➡️ Automatic Income
🔱➡️ No Expiration/No Renewals
🔱➡️ No Need to Withdraw Instant Payment to your Tron Wallet.

In the T4, the first two spots in slot 1 goes to your upline, that is the person who referred you. 3,4,5 spots goes to you and last spot which is spot 6 comes to you as profit and recycles for you to continue earning in slot 1 in the T4.

The T4 has the follow me matrix, this implies those you bring into the system follows you all through the level therefore you have nothing to loose or be afraid as you stand the chance to earn 134,000,000 trons in one cycle.🔥🔥🔥

In addition T4 has spillover and overflows from your respective teams


A chance to grow your Tron!
Tronator is a business, not an Investment platform. But it does give you an opportunity to accumulate some TRX to your portfolio. TRX is an up and coming Crypto star and its value is already on the increase.

pdf iconView theTronatorPDF Presentation here

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View the Tronator Video



Tronator uses TRX, not ETH so you will need to download a TRON wallet and fund it. To do this, please follow the steps below:

Step 1. Download either a TRON Wallet, Klever Wallet or Token Pocket Wallet if you use a mobile phone or Tablet

or the Tronlink Wallet if you are using a Desktop or Laptop Computer to register

Step 2. Deposit 130 TRX. This is 100 TRX to cover the joining fee, plus the small transaction fee, (which will probably be less than 30 TRX)

Here is a video explaining about Tron Wallet funding:

If you want to buy TRX directly, there are various sources, including:

Altcoin Trader Global

Wazirx - Especially in India

Another good source is Changelly:
changelly crypto exchange

PS: Remember to fund your wallet with more TRX, if you think that you will want to buy more slots after you join.

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