Singhs is a new Ethereum Smart Contract Matrix program that will be launching soon.

Like other similar programs, the Singh Smart contract it is a peer to peer blockchain platform, built on the Ethereum blockchain, which means it can never be hacked, or changed by anyone.

But, there many things that makes the Singhs Smart Contract Matrix platform a bit different from the rest: 

  • Increased earnings opportunity
    There are two programs one for Team building and one for spillover.
    There are more payments available to the referred member than for example Forsage, where the upline gets a larger portion than the referral.
  • Increased opportunity for Spillover
    There is a 3 x 6 matix for the Singh S6 team build program, rather than the usual 2 x 4, giving much more more opportunity for spillover
  • Improved Upline Support
    With certain other Smart contracts, you join and then often (but not always) your sponsor does not want to know you - With Singhs, your upline will have to support their downline and is highly encouraged to do so.
  • Smart Contract Support
    Singhs are creating a 24*7 support system, via chat or a toll free call system
  • Lower Joining fee
    Just 0.03 ETH to get started, the lowest in the industry (a real plus with Eth increasing in value)
  • Expected lower Transaction / Gas fees
    Singhs will commence when ETH 2.0 commences, which is expected to enable lower Gas fees.

To get started with Singhs, you will just need a funded Trust wallet, Coinbase wallet or a Metamask wallet to be installed on your Mobile device, Laptop or Desktop Computer.

Singhs will be available for members to join in almost every country.

Sign up for Early Bird Singh membership here

pdf iconView the Singhs PDF Presentation and earnings plan here

youtube iconSinghs Video coming soon

Worthy of note: The Singh / Singhs Smart Contract is not an Investment plan - It is a real business that you can work from the comfort of your home with no Bosses!. Although it may be possible to earn from spillover, the amount and the timing of these payments can never be guaranteed. The best way to earn a good income is by introducing just a few people into your business. If everyone else in your team does the same and introduces just 3 people each, your earnings will grow rapidly.

As always, please remember that there can never be any guarantees of earnings levels with any online program.

Always do your own due diligence.

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