➢ What is the cost to get started with Forsage?

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The cost to get started with Forsage is 0.05 Ethereum.

This will then fund your first level for the x3 and the x4 programs and get you started immediately.

But please note, whenever you do any Crypto transaction, there will always be transaction fees to pay. These are called Gas Fees within the Ethereum world. (These are nothing to do with the Forsage program. ) 

These fees help to pay for the ETH miners activities. You can think of them a bit like bank charges, but they are usually much lower than bank charges. However they can fluctuate and at present they are a bit higher than usual. Therefore to get started with Forsage would cost you a total of 0.065 ETH, which is allowing extra for the Gas fee.

You can choose to pay more and fund more levels after you join Forsage. People who actively want to promote Forsage and get earning a bit quicker, will often fund up to level three for both the forsage x3 and x4 programs up front when they join. This means that they will be sure to be qualified to recieve profits at those levels.

Or you can just choose to fund your next levels entirely from your earnings as you go along and build this business more slowly. It is entirely your choice. Remember, there are no time limits with Forsage, it is here for the long haul.

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