➢ How do I buy Ethereum for my referrals?

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buy eth with trust wallet
How do I fund another person that I have referred to Forsage with some Ethereum, to help them to get started?

We may have come accross this situation in the past or we may encounter it soon. Sometimes we may want to get family or friends involved in Forsage, but they may have low funds or no Crypto account.

You can easily transfer Ethereum from your Trust Wallet to another person’s Trust Wallet.Just ask them for their Trust wallet address and then make the transfer of the chosen amount of ETH.

1. Open your Trust Wallet

2. Tap on Ethereum

3. Paste the Recipients Trust Wallet address

4. Enter the Ethereum amount

5. Send


Alternatively, you can also buy Ethereum instantly from Coinmama, using a Credit or a Debit Card. You can then easily transfer this to your new referrals wallet using their wallet recieving address.

Visit Coinmama here to instantly buy your Ethereum

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