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Onpassive - Why you shouldn't leave it too late to become a Founder.

Are you a pending Onpassive Founder?
ie., Someone who has registered as a Founder but not yet paid the fee? Don't worry, there are many like you.

Or maybe you are thinking of becoming a founder, but just havent got around to registering yet? Again, there are many just the same as you.

Either way, if you are seriously thinking that you will become a founder, then please do not leave it too late.

This advice is for any potential Founder - Become an Onpassive Founder with anyone's team that you choose, but the main thing is - Become a Founder and do it soon!

So why the rush?

It is now public knowledge that Onpassive will launch soon. All the indications are that the Onpassive Soft Launch will be in January 2021.

Firstly - When it launches, Onpassive will then begin Marketing campaigns and the process of gathering customers for its 50+ leading edge, AI powered Information Technology, products, tools and services. These customers will all be placed underneath the current team of Onpassive Founders. This means all Founders, whether you joined 2 years ago or 2 hours ago. But if you are not an active Founder when Onpassive launches, then you will not receive any customer placement benefit.....

Secondly - If you are looking to introduce a few people before Onpassive launches, then you are running out of time. If you are a team builder, you can benefit even more at the launch as a Founder, if you have even just 2 or 3 Founder members in your team. But remember, you can only start to build a team after you become a Founder yourself. So if this is your plan, then you are not giving yourself much time for team building. Sorry to state the obvious here, but sometimes we can all too easily miss the obvious.

Thirdly - To become an Onpassive founder is a fairly quick payment process if you are paying by Credit card. But if you are paying by other methods, especially Cryptocurrency, the process usually takes two days. Whilst this may not be a problem at present, just make sure that you are aware of this delay, especially as the launch draws ever closer.

Also remember, if everyone rushes to join at the same time just before launch, things could get even slower. This is not scaremongering, but something to seriously consider so that you do not miss the boat.

In other words - just do not leave it too late - If you truly know that you want to become an Onpassive Founder - do it today!

PS. Pending founders, please note: When you activate your payment, you will then get the benefit of being a Founder from the date that you registered as a Pending Founder - This is very powerful - ask me why

Here is an update by Mike Ellis on the current State of Onpassive. It is only 12 minutes, please watch and take note:

If you like what you see:
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I am a proud Founder member of Onpassive since September 2019!

Please note - This website is my own website. I am an active promoter of Onpassive. Certain pages on this website are independent Marketing resources for the Onpassive Platform, its Products & Services

Onpassive is not an investment program and there is no guarantee of income.

Any income that a person may receive, who engages with the Onpassive platform, is based on their individual work ethic and other factors beyond their control.

Please do your own due diligence, before joining any online related earnings platform.

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