ONPASSIVE - The new Internet marketing revolution. 


Very soon, we will see the launch of the ONPASSIVE Online Marketing platform. ONPASSIVE will not be just another moneymaking program or "opportunity" but a fully functioning suite of highly effective marketing Tools, Products, Software & Services, designed to help anyone who sells anything online to succeed. 

ONPASSIVE is set to become huge, some say along the lines of certain other high tech online household names that we all know and use. We can but hope, but I for one have seen and heard enough to be highly charged by this company and its ambitions. I strongly urge all marketers and business in any field, to become a part of this whilst it is still in its GoFounders promoted early bird or pre-launch days.

To become a part of ONPASSIVE (via GoFounders) costs just a one time 97 USD, which will enable you to become a founder member and therefore also enjoy many advantages that this status has to offer. The cost to join this platform is withought risk and comes with a lifetime 100% money back Guarantee.

ONPASSIVE gives you a multitude of tools and services needed to promote your business website or other online activity or opportunity. It also offers a unique optional earnings program. 

The current price to become a founder member is hugely discounted and may well increase substantially when the program is closed to founder status and opens its doors to the general public in the near future.

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