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Lions Share Smart Contract has over 1000 new members joining every day.

Look! Join Lions Share with our link and receive a free promotional mini website - This is packed with extra information and guides your potential new partners throughout the process - This will give you a real advantage over others and help you to build your own strong Lions Share team.

Click here to send me your Lions Share ID number after you join and I will arrange accordingly.

Please note this offer only applies to those joining with the links given on the pages below:

mobile Mobile Phone / Tablet users - with Android devices
➢ Join Lions Share Here using Trust wallet - Step by Step guide

mobile iOS - 
Mobile Phone / Tablet users - with iOS (or Android) devices

➢ Join Lions Share Here using Coinbase wallet - Step by Step guide

laptopLaptop / Desktop Computer users
➢ Join Lion's Share Here using Metamask wallet - Step by Step guide

Please use ID number: 5684

Ideas for Funding your wallet ....

➢ Coinbase - The Worlds Largest Crypto exchange

➢ Changelly - A great Low rate (0.25%) Crypto exchange

➢ Coinmama - Buy Ethereum with your credit or debit card 

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