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We welcome you to Join Forsage with us, using the details below.

But also note, Forsage now has an official version of its program, using the TRON TRX currency
This is known as TRX Forsage

Why do you need to know this? Well the current version of Forsage is an excellent program. But at present, all Smart contract programs that use the ETH cryptocurrency are experiencing extremely high transaction fees.These fees are often much higher than the cost to join the actual Smart Contract program itself. So many companies are now also running a TRON version of their Smart Contact program alongside their ETH version.

So now the best of the best, Forsage has its own Official TRON Program.

If you are an existing member of the ETH version, you may also wish to join the TRON version. Or if you are new member looking to get involved with Forsage, then why not start first with the Tron TRX version. The cost is just 200 TRX and the transaction fee is just a few cents.

Join or Get further Forsage TRX information here >>>


Join online using one of the below options:

Android mobile device Android Mobile
 Phone / Tablet users

➢ Join Forsage Here using Trust wallet - Step by Step guide

iOS mobile device

 Apple iOS Mobile
 Phone / Tablet users
➢ Join Forsage Here using Token Pocket wallet - Step by Step guide

laptop Laptop / Desktop
 Computer users

➢ Join Forsage Here using Metamask wallet - Step by Step guide

metamask and Trust wallet If you already have a funded Metamask or Trust Wallet
 and just need a link or an ID
Number then please use: or ID: 17376

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Looking to fund your Metamask or Trustwallet?

➢ Coinbase - The Worlds Largest Crypto exchange

➢ Changelly - A great Low rate (0.25%) Crypto exchange

➢ Coinmama - Buy Ethereum with your credit or debit card 

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Please note: It is prohibited to participate in the Forsage platform in the Philippines

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Please note:

Forsage is not an investment program and there is no guarantee of income
What a person receives, is based on their Individual work ethic and other factors beyond your control

To all those who doubted .....

Onpassive is really happening
Onpassive Hyderabad Office
Onpassives new office in
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Now over 300,000 Members

The Launch is very close

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