Here's a great video explaining how Spillover works with Forsage ...

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So, as you saw in the above video, you can earn in Forsage with zero referalls.

Please note, that it will not work like this for everyone. It all depends on how active the team is around you.
To maximise your chances, always join Forsage under a strong, active team.

Also, very importantly, if you only activate your slot / level 1 of the X4 program, do not expect to earn too much with your 10 dollar investment.

Since the above video was made, the member that is referenced, has now activated their level / slot 11 in X4, to achieve the earnings that you see. If you check their account, you will see that they now have 148 ETH, which is currently around 36,000 USD. All from Spillover.

But, there are no guarantees - do not expect Spillover and embrace it when you get it.

Build a team yourself, however small and be a spiller!

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