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OK, I have finally looked at this in depth and now fully realise what we have here. 

Forsagetron (or Forsage Tron) is a totally legitimate Smart Contract Matrix earnings platform, that works on the Tron Blockchain network.

It is almost identical to Forsage in its look, feel and function. Those of you who are familiar with Forsage, will have no problems in operating and working with this program.

So, what is differerent with Forsagetron?
The biggest and almost the only obvious difference that you will see, is that Forsagetron only uses the Tron Crypto currency, compared to Forsage which only uses the ETH cryptocurrency on it's platform.

What does this mean for me?
It means that if you wish to join Forsagetron, you will not be paying huge Gas / Transaction fees anymore. Tron Transaction Fees are only a small amount, just a few cents, compared to what has been seen recently on Forsage, where the Gas fees have been more than 20 USD, often more than it costs to join the actual program...

Many of you will have recently witnessed problems with Forsage, when you have been either wishing to join, or upgrade levels, or the fact that you have seen your earnings diminish, because your downline have not been active or upgrading.

Please do not abandon Forsage - This is a temporary problem and is in fact largely caused by the huge success of Forsage ands other similar smart contract programs. Help will soon be at hand in the shape of ETH 2.0, which quite simply is the new upgraded version of Ethereum. There will be various enhancements, but the main thing that it will mean to us is, ETH 2.0 will offer significantly faster Transaction times and also significantly cheaper Gas fees. Hopefully we will then be back to the good old days of a few tens of cents instead of tens of dollars just for the cost of the transaction!

A chance to invest in Tron!
I choose to look at this as an opportunity to invest in another Cryptocurrency and accumulate some TRX to add to my portfolio. The current Tron value is only a few USD cents at the moment and it's value can only increase.

Why not promote Forsagetron alongside Forsage and invite your exisiting Forsage partners to join with you?

➢ Join Forsagetron here

pdf iconView the Forsagetron PDF Presentation here

I am seeking strong leaders from the following Regions / Countries to join with me to handle Forsagetron enquiries from members from those areas: USA, UK, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Philippines, Australia and other countries - Contact me here for further information

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