FaxtcoinA bit more about Faxt .....

Is there room for another new coin on the “block”

Well, there is always room in cyberspace for anything and it just depends on the choice of the Investor as to whether they will adopt it.

But actually Faxt isn’t just another new coin for the investor of Cryptocurrency. It is in itself a complete payment system, with its own secure wallet and blockchain. It is designed to work within any modern system of e-commerce for the consumer and the investor.

Some new features of the Faxt coin offer an advantage over other existing or recent Cryptocurrencies.

As it is an ICO the Faxt coin has been pre mined.

bitcoin mining smaller

This means :

Transaction times will be much faster than Bitcoin and other currencies.

Transaction fees will be much lower than many other Cryptocurrencies.

Take a look and avail yourself of some Faxt currency whilst is only priced at pennies. Remember those guys that we envied who bought bitcoin for a few cents back in its early days and us all thinking I wish etc .....

You can register and buy your own Faxt coins here

Please note that if you do not use the above link to view the Faxt coin website, you will need to enter a code, please use 192BBDF9 ( I tried many times to register, but if you do not enter a refferal code it will not let you.)