Faxtcoinfaxt coin with phone and coinHow to earn when you tell others about the Faxt coin .....

If you like the idea of Faxt and can see the huge potential, you may wish to tell others about this for at least two reasons. Firstly, because the more people that use the Faxt coin, wallet and payment system, then the higher will be the potential future value. But secondly, if you introduce others to this coin and they then purchase any amount at all, you will automatically receive 6% of whatever value that they buy. This happens when they sign up for Faxt Coin, using your own peronal ID link which you supply to them. You can view in your back office / dashboard area. The video tells more:

But wait! You may think that your valued business colleague, family member, or trusted friend will then be out of pocket? But not to worry, nobody will be losing out. The payment of any bonuses and commissions will all come out of a seperate fund, set aside for this commision process. It is all laid down in the Faxt Whitepaper which is a large filesize PDF document and can be downloaded in your back office / dashboard area. 

f you are not already a member of Faxt then Click here to Register You can then get your own code and start reffering others to this great new coin, wallet and payment system.

Alternatively, visit https://dashboard.faxt.io/register and then enter the code 192BBDF9 where its says "ID of Sponsor"

If you don't enter a valid code it will just keep stopping your registration process.