FaxtcoinThe Faxt Coin ICO is live and also being promoted to over 1 million members on the FTcorpex Crypto currency exchange. Given this huge audience of confirmed Crypto Currency users and Marketers, this ICO could therefore have more than a fair chance of success and future growth. 

But remember, things can go down as well as up. How much will Faxt be worth in the future? Well its difficult go much lower than the starting price, so maybe the Faxt value will be just the same, or, just perhaps, something more than what you paid.....

Buy your own Faxt coins here while they are priced low

Imagine where you would be now if you had bought a few Bitcoin when they were launched and cost just a few cents. Even if the Faxt coin only reaches just 1 dollar, a 5 cent purchase is surely a good investment.

Please note that if you do not use the above link to view the Faxt coin website, you will need to enter a code, should you wish to register to purchase your own Faxt - If this is the case, then please use 192BBDF9 ( I tried many times to register, but if you do not enter a refferal code it will not let you.)

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