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How long has AutoBTCbuilder been going?
This program has been going for over 3 years.

How does AutoBTC work?
AutoBTC is a Network marketing company. Members have a 2 x 2 matrix, which when full consists of 6 people. When you fill your matrix with 6 paid members you then complete a cycle and get paid, within the hour. You can fill as many matrices as you wish.

What do I have to do to get started and earn commissions?
You find two people to join and then help them to do the same. That's it - It is the very simple essence of this program. Every 6 sales then causes a cycle by you or someone in your Matrix. You can earn as many cycle bonuses as you want.

How many members are involved at AutoBTC builder?
There are currently over 100,000 independent members, from all around the World.

Is there a product or service with the AutoBTC builder program?

Absolutely yes. You will be receiving high quality, uncomplicated, education and training about almost all aspects of Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency. You will then be showing others how they can also receive this training, whilst earning a residual income.

Do I have to make a sale to get paid?
Great question - There are no sales qualifications, or small print. It is possible for you to cycle withought making a single sale. This is by no means guaranteed however.

The team is growing fast and currently has over 100,000 members, all busy, like-minded people, creating lots of activity, interest and memberships. This means that some members may well receive spillover from their uplines activity and hopefully, when you become familiar and confident with the program, you will also be able to create spillover yourself, for others below you to benefit.

How long will it take to get paid after qualifying?
Unlike some Crypto programs out there, there is no waiting for payment - Commisions are paid at the top of evey hour

I have been involved with Network Marketing before and had to pay monthly fees, buy products, receive Autoship etc. - Is this the same thing?
No - you only ever pay one time to activate each level that you wish to participate with and earn. There are no monthly products to buy or monthly retention fees.

What is the cost to get started?
The lowest level of cost to get started and activate your cycle bonuses, is now a one-time fee of just 0.0056 Bitcoin.

Do I need to upgrade to further levels?
Not unless you want to, but the 0.0056 BTC feeder level automatically qualifies you to level one as soon as you cycle. Once you get to Level 1 you can stay there if you wish. At this level, you will gain an understanding of the basics of Cryptocurrency and be permanently qualified to earn cycle bonuses. If you upgrade to level two, you will receive a higher level of Cryptocurrency training and a higher level of cycle bonuses. The same goes for level three. Remember, you only ever pay once for any level that you choose to activate and you will be permanently qualified for cycle bonuses at this level.

What are the earnings in AutoBTC for each completed level?
Level 1 - 0.05 Bitcoin
Level 2 - 0.15 Bitcoin
Level 3 - 0.45 Bitcoin
Level 4 - 1.15 Bitcoin
Level 5 - 4 Bitcoin
Level 6 - 12 Bitcoin

Do I need to own any Bitcoin already, before I can get started with AutoBTC builder?
No, it is not necessary and many people new to this program do not, since Bitcoin is new to many.  But it will make life easier to get started if you do. Alternatively, to get you started, you can ask your Sponsor to fund your account, using their own Bitcoin and then pay them back using PayPal or similar. It is quick and easy and gives you a level of security and a guarantee of a refund, should anything not be as you thought. Your sponsor can tell you all about this, should you wish to proceed.

Why does this program only accept Bitcoin to get started and also only pay out in Bitcoin?
AutoBTC Builder is essentially a Cryptocurrency education and training program, with a residual Bitcoin earnings element. Therefore in keeping with the overall Bitcoin theme, it makes sense and keeps us all focused, when all transactions are based in Bitcoin.

What is ABB?
ABB is just our abbreviation for AutoBitcoinBuilder

Is AutoBTC just a Bitcoin Investment program?
No, AutoBTC Builder is essentially a Cryptocurrency education and training program, coupled with a way to also earn Bitcoin commisions, when you introduce the program to others, (or possibly when other members referral activity also benefits you, as mentioned earlier). However in the process of earning Bitcoin, you may well find that the value of your earnings in your Bitcoin account, can also go up over a period of time depending on the exchange rate, (or down of course).

Will I get my own promotion page and marketing tools?
Yes, you will get your own AutoBTC Builder promotion pages and links, including a control panel where you can view referalls, leads, your matrix and your sales etc. You can also transfer Bitcoin to and from your account, or to other members accounts, for example to help a new member that you have sponsored, who does not have their own bitcoin, to get started.

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Important note and Disclaimer:
I am an independent Investor and promoter of the AutoBTC Builder business opportunity. I am not an employee of AutoBTCBuilder.

What I write about on this page are purely my own views, not impartial and should never be used or taken as financial investment advice. I strongly urge you to do your own independent due diligence as I have done mine and to take full responsibility for your own financial decisions for the future. Please understand that the trading of cryptocurrencies is a very high-risk activity, with extremely volatile market changes which can result in significant losses.

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