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If you are a business owner, you will know how difficult it can be to promote and grow your business, even if this is just slightly. But, not only is this difficult to do, it can also be expensive.

There are a great many tools available within the field of Digital marketing, some more effective than others and all have a cost to some degree.

These can vary to almost zero cost, such as for example, an email marketing campaign that you conduct yourself. This could be to a marketing list that you already own, ie. A "mailshot" to your own existing customer base. Your total cost in this case would almost entirely be covered by your fixed cost of your broadband connection and your hosting fees. Plus any data limits that exist, which for most businesses these days are generous and cover most normal mailing activities for many medium size businesses. Email marketing therefore is low cost / almost cost free and can often be fairly effective, without too much risk.

On the other hand, there are some recognised marketing techniques and methods that can be very costly and without any guarantee at all of any success. I am thinking particularly of online classified advertising. Whilst some classified ad campaigns can be seen as the domain of "high flyers", they can sometimes reap great rewards. But also great losses. Those of you that have tried Bing and Google ads will know how important it is to keep an eye on, track and control the budget for these types of campaigns. They can and do run away with you if not careful. (more on this on another article).

There are of course many other Digital Marketing tools, methods and techniques, that can employed with varying costs and success rates, that sit somewhere between the above two examples. Some tried and tested and some are emerging.

Another highly cost-effective way to consider business growth is through the use of Webinars. Webinars are not new, but can yield huge rewards for many kinds of businesses, but all depending on the way that they are implemented. These replicated events, which is what they are, or what they become, can greatly help with your online success and branding through, qualified, direct opt-in customer engagement. This marketing method works for any industry that your business is engaged in and can be powerful.

What is a Webinar?

what is a webinar

I do not like to assume that everyone knows what a Webinar is and if you have never organised or delivered one, or been a recipient of one, then why should you?

A Webinar is a planned online event, or workshop for a specified subject, for a desired, targeted audience. Webinar is a new word developed over the last few years, being an acronym developed from Web & Seminar. It is a gathering of interested parties, ie, an online audience who wish to find out more about a particular product, concept, subject, or update. Webinar organisers publish a time and a date when their event will take place and interested attendees will then register to express their interest. Following which, they are then advised a URL, which they can then log in to prior to the allotted time.

Webinars can currently have an audience size from anything from 2 people to 10,000 people, who can be located anywhere in the world. The participants can access and follow the webinar through any online device. Participation is only limited by the quality of the network connection and the relevant access rights. The Webinar speaker /presenter can also be based anywhere. The software format of these events enables him or her to use voice and various other multimedia to present the required subject matter.

Webinars create a unique one-to-multiple conversation. The latest webinar technology, uses high speed connections and is of a very high voice and communication quality. It also enables any webinar attendee to speak to all and to also present their own media from their own location. Some of the recent webinars that I have been on have all lasted for around 90 minutes and have been extremely interactive.

One downside is that access to Webinar technology is not cheap. But this is a reflection on their effectiveness and the market price is set accordingly. If you wish to look further into hosting your own Webinars there are various companies out there, including Onpassive who aim to offer inclusive access to leading edge Webinar technology to its members when the company launches.

There are three main types of webinars that can be adopted, depending on the type of business in question:

Lead Generation Webinar:

This type of webinar is very popular. It enables the organisers or program owners to gather the contact details of the interested attendees, subject of course to the adherence of the requirements of GDPR and other Data protection measures, depending on your country of residence. Many businesses are built by mailing lists and each webinar attendees name can be seen as a potential customer.

In return for gaining said details, a suitable webinar is then conducted and delivered. The subject matter for these types of webinars has to be bright, interesting and of good relevance to the audience who have registered. However, with free to join webinars, some deviation can be allowed, as long as it is in keeping with the general or related published theme.

Paid Webinars:

These webinars are different and great care needs to be taken. It is one thing to just take someone's contact details, as above, which can of course be revoked by the client, as per privacy laws. However, as the name suggests, paid webinars involve someone who has taken the great step of investing their hard earned cash into finding out more about your project. This means that the webinar really needs to be on point and relevant. For these types of webinars, focus is needed and conversely to the above, no related content promotion should be adopted. But the very fact that someone has paid for specific information, makes this prospect hugely valuable, so there is no way that you would ever wish to give them anything other than what they have requested.

Webinar series:

This third type of webinar can relate to either of the above, paid or free.

If you get a good level of registration for your first webinar event and you get some good feedback, it may well be worthwhile to consider doing a follow up and if you then get similar good feedback, looking at doing a series of regular webinar sessions. These can then gain interest with new attendees and even go something towards viral. Updates to programmes, introducing new team members, new pricing structures, product updates and new product introductions are all good reasons for regular webinars. These are also then an ongoing opportunity for further general promotion.

In summary 

The biggest consideration about webinars is all about the quality and the professional delivery of the stated subject matter. These events are almost like theatre productions. People want to be edified, but also entertained to some degree. Great attention needs to be paid to the production. Get them right and people will come back to see the next instalment.

I think of Webinars as one of the most informed methods of modern mass engagement, whereby you get to know who your audience is, but without physically seeing them. Almost like a Theatre, but with potentially a much bigger audience. If done correctly, a webinar, or a series of webinars can be hugely effective, as part of your overall combined marketing efforts. Use Webinars to communicate, educate and grow your business.

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yem smallThe Rainbow Currency

This claims to be a much more private cryptocurrency than most and can only be used after rigorous proof of identity. This feature tends to remove the criminal element, thus aiming to answer the questions from the many people who believe that all cryptocurrency is just for the bad guys and money launderers.

It has been created by over 3000 users from more than 150 countries and therefore claims to be truly a peoples Cryptocurrency. The Rainbow Currency is also known as Your Everyday Money (YEM). It has a managing board, whose mission is to build the YEM into an internationally recognized form of exchange and monetary system, that hopes to become a household name on the Cryptocurrency exchanges.


Yem is now gaining more and more recognition as a valid form of payment and is globally accepted by many online stores and other Crypto friendly points of sale. The transaction fees are claimed to be amongst the lowest in the industry at an average of 0.1% per transaction, with a minimum fee of 0.001 YEM and a maximum fee of 1,000 YEM.

Mining method

Instead of the usual environmentally "unfriendly" mining activities to put Crypto coins in the system, the Rainbow Currency is fuelled and funded by everyday activities by its ever growing network of members within the SafeZone and Unicorn Network. These activities reward the members just for being active within the network, carrying out everyday activities that are quick and easy to do and are largely social in nature.

The 2-Wallet system

This social Cryptocurrency has a unique wallet system intrinsic to the SafeZone open network, which gives you the safest, simplest way of doing online transactions.​ But more importantly, it has been created to solve the security challenges that many other cryptocurrencies face. It does this by adopting a 2-wallet solution in partnership with the Unicorn Network. This ensures that the whole currency network is always fully transparent, decentralized, and safe in the blockchain. It also means that there are no fees, when used to store Yem within the SafeZone network.

The Blockchain System.

Twinkl chain is the name of the Rainbow currency Blockchain.  A  big drawback of the majority of public blockchains is that everybody can see every detail of every transaction, as well as every balance of every wallet. In fact they can see everything but your identity. Guesses about certain individuals can be and are made with certain accounts and the arrangement is not ideal. However, with TwnklChain, nobody but you can see your balances, and nobody can retrieve any personal data from transactions.

Also, many blockchains suffer from overly long transaction times, which does not lend itself to certain payments, especially micropayments which tend to lend themselves to being small amounts requiring authorization "on the hoof".  The TwnklChain blockchain system is set up to process thousands of payments per second, in other words, over 100 million transactions per day.

It is the cryptocurrency whose minimum value is controlled by Rainbow Currency Foundation in order to protect the value of the currency and hence increase its appeal as an instrument for store of value. This feature insulate Rainbow Currency from the wild fluctuation in value experienced by all cryptocurrencies out there which make them worthless as medium of exchange and store of value.


As you would expect, payments are secure. The Yem uses a wallet known as the Pernum. The PerNumPay App just needs the transaction amount and the PerNum of the sender and the receiver. The entire transaction is secured by a random generated One-time PIN. Our payments are faster than any other form of payment with comparable security features.

​Legality and Governance

TwnklChain is fully compliant and prepared for future compliance. The company claims to fulfill all requirements for being an official substitute currency for Euros.

​Find out more about the Rainbow Currency and get your own Wallet here

security2 small

Unfortunately there are still more than a few people in the World today who seem to take pleasure and very often financial reward from stealing other peoples Bank and Credit card details, names, passwords and even their whole identities.

If ever there was a time to really go to the next level to protect your online security and personal data and potentially, if your identity is stolen, everything that is dear to you, then it is now.

Why is this even more important today than in the past? Because today, more and more of us, many millions, are far more likely to carry out day to day online activities than we ever did before. These include banking, purchasing goods or even just messaging, chatting, gaming, sharing a recipe or a pattern, or discussing the ball game.

All these online activities raise our exposure to criminal elements in society. Coupled with this, there is far more technology available, which can work to our benefit, but some types of technology can also facilitate such criminals to infiltrate our activities and privacy.

Far from letting this criminal activity stop us from what we want to do, we need to get smart and protect our privacy with whatever means we have available. To that end, I have recently been looking at a platform called Safezone. This is not a new venture and was launched back in 2014 and has been steadily growing ever since. The SafeZone is a network of websites, which are actively involved in setting a new standard of security and privacy on the Internet.


Users of the SafeZone network obtain a secure SafeZone Pass. This pass consists of a unique permanent number, known as a PerNum. This then ensures the protection of your personal data for any online related activity that you carry out on the SafeZone.

How this works is that, instead of entering your email address, for example, let's say to join a mailing list, you would just need to enter your PerNum. The owners of the mailing list would then deliver your requested newsletter through its Safezone servers to your location, without knowing or needing to know who you are. This is all done using the Pernum.

The Safezone servers are all encrypted and protected to a military-grade. All websites on the SafeZone network are secured by this SSL encryption and are scanned on a daily basis to reveal any hacking attempts or possible phishing and malware threats.

Additionally your data is protected by 2-step authentication, plus a pin code system. The net result is that whenever you do any transaction within the SafeZone network, be it a request for further information, making a purchase, or just opening any page, you can rest assured that you are fully protected.

Coupled with the key elements of privacy and security, the SafeZone also has its own up and coming cryptocurrency, the YEM. This is backed by company shares, is strictly limited, underpinning the SafeZone economy.

SafeZone Membership is free with absolutely no requirements to purchase anything once you have joined. Furthermore you will be given some free Yem Cryptocurrency when you join.

>>> Click Here to find out more about the SafeZone

For those of you who are interested in the safe, secure type of business that membership within the Safezone has to offer, then you may also be interested in Onpassive.

onpassive logo header

Although not related to the Safezone network, it will represent similar safe, ethical values within its business model. Membership of one is certainly conducive to the other.

Onpassive claims to be not just another "opportunity", but a fully functioning Digital marketing Platform. This platform is currently at pre launch and although no date has been given, it is thought that this will fully launch over the next few months in 2020.

The emphasis will be on a clean, honest and fully compliant program that will still be here in years to come. The company is offering a suite of highly effective marketing Tools, Products, Software & Services, designed to help anyone who sells anything online to succeed and receive a high level and quality of traffic to their website.

Due to recent huge growth in Membership and still at pre-launch, there are also some thoughts within and a strong belief that Onpassive will become a Unicorn company. As some may know, this term refers to any tech start-up company that reaches a $1 billion dollar market value, which can be achieved as a result of public or private investment.

There is also a lucrative earnings program that all members qualify for when they join. Details about this side of Onpassive are only available to founder members at this stage.

You can gain further information about Onpassive here

online and offline 2

I recently read somewhere that the number of people who either access or create online content is still increasing on a daily basis and is steadily producing annual increases of between 5 to 6%. This also relates to online shopping and commerce in general and is in keeping with the corresponding demise of offline / high street sales that we all see. The high street is where the statistics speak for themselves, we do not need the pundits to tell us about this downward trend. 

Some people are not aware of this fact, but eventually the supply of Bitcoin will run out.

With gold we can never really tell when the worlds supply will be fully mined, but with Bitcoin we know that this will be when the planned supply of 21 million coins has been mined, which will be around 2040.

So to help regulate supply and maintain value an event called halving or halvening occurs on a 4 yearly basis.

bitcoin halving 2
Based on the average of 1 block being completed every 10 minutes, the next bitcoin halving will occur around the middle of May 2020, at the time when the number of blocks hits the 630,000 figure. The Miners block reward will then fall from 12.5 to 6.25 bitcoins.

press releaseAs we know the name of the game these days is all about timing. When you have something new to share with the World, you need to get it out their quick before your competitors offer the same or their version of yours... We have just listed a new company listing called Linking News on our Directory that offers a White Label Press Release service for your business. With this you can quickly get your Press Release to market with the Top Tier News & Media Sites.

These include Yahoo, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and many more key media players. This service really is a leveller, meaning that smaller businesses can now access this kind of coverage that was once viewed as

Digital Marketing is set to explode as it meets Disruptive technology, which by definition, will indeed disrupt anything in its path. But the biggest disruption in the Digital Marketing sector may not just be from the obvious sources, such as the effects of Artificial Intelligence or AR. It could well be something less obvious - Blockchain Technology

digital blockchain handshake medium

As we know, Blосkсhаіn is a ѕhаrеd dіgіtаl lеdgеr, which can be employed to secure almost any digital asset. Although initially created to record Cryptocurrency transactions, it can now validate many other types of trаnѕасtіоnѕ between twо parties. In online Digital Marketing, it will therefore help to create and build, perhaps one of the most important things between a buyer and a seller - trust.

ai robot keyboard small
Artificial Intelligence, also known as AI, can help to write articles and get them in the right place for you. It's not necessarily the case that AI is better at writing and organizing. But it may prove to be more consistent and it will certainly be quicker and therefore free us up with our precious time so that we can do something else that we may rather be doing.

AI for Generating and Creation of Content

ai content creationThis catches many people out, but Artificial Intelligence can already create high quality readable content. This includes, but is not limited to, news reports and you may already have read articles by the likes of Reuters or the New York Times etc., that had some or all of their content generated by AI.
Some of the tools that do this include: Heliograf, Quill, Aticoolo, and Wordsmith.