Bitcoin Halving 
BTC halving
This is around a 4 yearly event whereby the Bitcoin Miners reward for revealing new blocks on the blockchain is literally halved for verifying Bitcoin transactions. These BTC halvenings are actually scheduled to occur exactly every 210,000 blocks, so it it not always possible to be exact in terms of the actual date, but it does equate to roughly every four years for the Bitcoin currency.

Eventually of course the supply of Bitcoin will run out. With real gold we can never tell when the worlds supply will be fully mined, but with the Bitcoin "Digital Gold" we know that this will be when the planned supply of 21 million coins has been mined, which will be around 2040.

These halving events are hugely important for anyone involved in Bitcoin trading. Supply of the BTC is at this time literally halved and if coupled with an increased demand, depending on that level of demand, we can end up with a seriously large increase in Bitcoin value. This can never be guaranteed however and nobody can really predict the events of any Bitcoin halvening event.

bitcoin halving 2
Based on the average of 1 block being completed every 10 minutes, the next bitcoin halving will occur around the middle of May 2020, at the time when the number of blocks hits the 630,000 figure. The Miners block reward will then fall from 12.5 to 6.25 bitcoins. Will the miners mind this? Well maybe not, especially if the price of Bitcoin doubles, or even more, but it could also decrease. The point is, we really do not know for sure.

Some traders look forward to the 4 yearly BTC halving event, (even more than some people look forward to the Soccer World cup...). They aim to make money from the halving by studying the price movements leading up to the event and also after it. Spread betting becomes very popular, especially around this time. Sometimes there is no immediate change to the Bitcoin rate after a halvening event, but this can then dramatically follow at some point afterwards. surrounding the event.

However, it's extremely important to remember that all forms of trading, in Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency or Traditional currency carry a risk. You can lose serious amounts of money. So, remember the rule and never risk more than you can afford to lose. This article makes absolutely no prediction of any future values of any currency, digital or otherwise.


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