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Autoxify Re - Launch update: (Its looking good!)

Update: 26 September 2020

Autoxify is now completing the final testing of its Smart Contract and systems. They have advised that their intention is that all previous members positions and funds will simply recommence when it is re-launched. Hopefully we will all be able to pick up where we left off. So far things are reported as going very well, including the key Auto referral feature, that got so many of us interested in the first place. There is currently no official re-launch date, but I would estimate around another 7 days and we should be live.

Please keep checking this page for further Autoxify updates.


I can only welcome the above and hope for the best for this program that many of us have worked really hard to make it a success.

Please note - I am nothing to do with the administration of this program, being just an independent marketer, just like many of my website visitors. I will of course do my best to keep everyone updated on this page, whenever I hear of any change.


Autoxify is a new Tron Based TRX Smart Contract Matrix earnings program that offers something completely different than the rest. If you need some extra income, but for whatever reason you do not want to refer other people into your business, then this is for you.

Autoxify also has the lowest cost to get started, along with Automatic referrals, Automatic upgrades and a Global matrix.

Plus, being TRX on the Tron Blockchain, rather than ETH, it only has a tiny transaction fee and a fast transaction time, both of which have been barriers to business growth, with certain other Smart Contacts recently.

Main Features

1. Low cost
Just 400 TRX to join and this keeps you active and earning for the life of this program.

2. Auto Referral
This will give you members to build your own team. downlines. No recruiting, unless you want to and then you can earn even more. Your choice. See video

3. Refferal Activator
This will give you 3 referrals into your team after you have been a member for 3 days.

4. Automatic Upgrade
This ensures that everyone upgrades, helping to ensure more wealth across the team

5. Unlimited income
As well as Automatic earnings, with some optional referral effort, there is no limit to what you can earn with Autoxify.

A chance to invest in Tron!
Although Autoxify itself is not an Investment platform, it does give you an opportunity to accumulate some TRX to your portfolio. TRX is already on the increase.

pdf iconView the Autoxify PDF Presentation here

youtube icon

View the Autoxify Main Video


youtube icon

View the Autoxify X3 Auto Referral Video

youtube icon

View the Autoxify Video - Spanish

Prelaunch Notes and Tasks:

While you wait for the launch and for me to send you your link to get started with Autoxify, to save time, please do the steps below.

This will help ensure you are fully familiar with Tron, TRX, the way the wallets work and that you are funded and ready to go.

Step 1. Download either a TRON Wallet if you use a mobile phone or Tablet or the Tronlink Wallet if you are using a Desktop or Laptop Computer to register

Step 2. Deposit 450 TRX. This is 400 TRX to cover the joining fee, plus the small transaction fee, (which will probably be much less than 50 TRX)

Here is a video explaining about Tron Wallet funding:

If you want to buy TRX directly, there are various sources, including:

Altcoin Trader Global

Wazirx - Especially in India

Another good source is Changelly:
changelly crypto exchange

PS: Remember to fund your wallet with more TRX, if you think that you will want to buy more slots after you join.

➢ Join Autoxify here - (coming soon)

Note: I am seeking strong country leaders to join with me to handle Autoxify enquiries and take good care of new members who are looking to join from these areas: 
USA, UK, South Africa, Philippines, India, Pakistan and many other countries.

➢ Contact me here for further information


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