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The AutoBTCBuilder program offers an educational platform and focuses on mentoring its members in all aspects of Cryptocurrency, in particular with the original and the largest digital currency player, Bitcoin. AutoBTCBuilder also known as ABB, teaches its members about the various areas of existing and emerging digital currencies, including trading, market trends, flags and indicators.

The program also teaches you about Cryptocurrency wallets, ways to fund and withdraw from your Bitcoin account and even how to gain a Crypto currency debit card. There are now ATMs cropping up everywhere where you can withdraw cash using Bitcoin. But you can also pay for so many things as well as withdrawing cash. Did you know that you can now use Bitcoin to buy everyday things like Pizza, pay for tickets, train and taxi fares. Even the United States Internal Revenue Service now allow tax payments using certain Cryptocurrencies.

Get this... Coinbase now have a Visa card that you can use anywhere where you would use a regular cash backed Visa card. The retailer does not even know or need to know, that your funds backing your Visa card are using your Crypto currency balance. They just see a Visa card. In this everyday way of paying for items, Cryptocurrency has well and truly "arrived" in many peoples lives.

If this surprises you, you are not alone, but I think we all really need to educate ourselves about these developments.

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Maybe you do not need an incentive to learn about an inevitable part of the future, but there is a huge one.

In the process of receiving this hugely valuable Cryptocurrency training, there is also the opportunity to earn a residual income... Normally this sentence would be finished off with ... "just by introducing this program to a few friends, family or colleagues". But this is not the case with Auto BTC. With the way the matrix plan is structured, you do have a real chance to earn commission, just by joining at level 1, which will cost you a one off payment of a just a small fraction of a Bitcoin. You can of course significantly increase your earnings with your own referral activity, but that is your choice. But even the words "referral activity" are inappropriate. All you need to do in this program is gain an everyday understanding about Cryptocurrency through the training and you will naturally want to talk about this and spread the word to others seeking the knowledge.

In summary, AutoBTC Builder aims to teach you all about Bitcoin, whilst paying you in Bitcoin. It becomes a way of dipping your toes into the currency investment markets and building your Bitcoin collection, but withought the risks or heavy Bitcoin investment.

People from all walks of life will want to know, will need to know, about this disruptive, yet unstoppable phenomena.

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Important note and Disclaimer:
I am an independent Investor and promoter of the AutoBTC Builder business opportunity. I am not an employee of AutoBTCBuilder.

What I write about on this page are purely my own views, not impartial and should never be used or taken as financial investment advice. I strongly urge you to do your own independent due diligence as I have done mine and to take full responsibility for your own financial decisions for the future. Please understand that the trading of cryptocurrencies is a very high-risk activity, with extremely volatile market changes which can result in significant losses.



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